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Arne Roosman



Lithographer, Designer of Books, Stage and Murals. Illustrator & Painter. Arne was born in Tallinn, Estonia, studied art in Sweden, and came to Canada in 1957.
He has exhibited in Canada as well as abroad, and is a winner of many awards. He was a resident of Bancroft, Ontario since 1988 and now resides in Coe Hill, Ontario.

Rather than a statement, an assertment is called for, as to discover excitement, even in the most mundane of subjects. The scape, a stalk bearing leaves reaching towards a flower, morphs to become a land, a sea, a mindscape, minded for all its possibilities. Never quite finished, always open. A window. A mountain with many doors. Mother nature's milk to quell the thirst poring forth. At times loud, then still. A life. Lively the movement of the brush, the dance, the word of colour, red, as written, the sound, and yes, myth, inspires much of my work!

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