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Ken Balmer

Ken’s work is inspired by his search for and appreciation of spirituality in all its forms. Orenda is an Iroquois name for a supernatural force believed to be present in varying degrees in all persons, creatures and objects -– the spiritual driver for human accomplishment. Activities of nature are seen to be a ceaseless struggle of one orenda against another, uttered and directed by the ‘beings’ in the environment.

Favourite subjects include hawks (his power animal), eagles, the essential spirit of animals, First Nation elders, southwest Native American Dancers, drummers, West Coast totems, sacred mountains/landscapes –- wherever he finds and senses the power of orenda.

Ken lives on the edge of Algonquin Park in Canada with a winter home just north of the Mexican border in Arizona, and a wanderlust that takes him into nature and the wilderness by motorcycle, boat, or RV for several months every year.

He has been painting for over 45 years, is self-taught, guided by a few mentors and many professionals who have willingly shared their talent and time.  Ken has a Ph.D. in geography/planning and has enjoyed an eclectic career as academic, manager, futurist and consultant.

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